Working with our clients in Toronto and across Canada we offer a full suite of associated assessments and services. Our expertise is in providing objective information and solutions for workplace risks and challenges to help keep workplaces healthy and productive. Call or email us with your referral or to get a quote.

Physical Demands Analyses

Objective information about the demands of a job. Used for return to work, job matching, and for ergonomic and risk evaluation.


Report Includes:

  • Job Description

  • Work Schedule

  • Essential Tasks and Sub-tasks

  • Measures and observations of the physical requirements such as lifting, carrying, postures, mobility etc.

  • List of tools, equipment and PPE

  • Environmental observations and measures of certain environmental demands such as noise and light.

  • A cognitive demands survey



Report Includes:

  • Job Description

  • Work Schedule

  • Essential Tasks and Sub-tasks which provide a framework for when and how cognition is needed.

  • Evaluates communication, reading, writing, mathematical ability, etc

  • Psychomotor requirements (link between body and brain) are included




Ergonomic Worksite Assessments

These are ergonomic assessments for environments other than offices.

Cognitive Demands Analyses

The cognitive demands evaluated are based primarily on those used by the Learning Disabilities Association. Reports can be used for return to work, job matching, and risk evaluation.


Work Wellness's Ergonomic Worksite Assessment is an assessment of not only the demands of the job, but of the work environment itself. This analysis  targets risk factors and allows recommendations to be made for physical and procedural changes. As a pro-active tool it can help you minimize injuries, increase productivity, and in turn reduce costs. In return to work programs it can be used to eliminate or minimize risk factors that might otherwise prevent or delay a return to work. Assessments can be done for an individual, a specific job, a task, a tool or piece of equipment, or a procedure or process.




Car/Travel Assessments

Assesses the fit between a person and the vehicle they drive and considers the functionality and safety of the person while driving.

Report Includes:

  • Information on nthropometrics

  • Information on the physical and cognitive capacities of the individual to operate the vehicle.

  • Measures of the vehicle/s in question

  • Comments on the ability of the individual to enter and use the vehicle.

  • When requested potential alternate vehicles are recommended.




Return-to-Work Services​


In the event that a worker becomes injured Work Wellness can implement an immediate return-to-work program. This will limit the amount of time a worker spends off work, and decrease costs. Return-to-work programs aim to return a worker to their original job, and/or help create modified or alternative work for the worker to perform until they are functioning at pre-incident levels.


Services That May Be Included:

  • Physical and/or Cognitive Demands Assessments

  • Return to Work Planning

  • Case Management

  • Ergonomic Assessments

  • Job Coaching

  • Education and Training.





Education and training is Work Wellness’s means of helping you achieve the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. Staff and management education sessions help alert everyone to easily observable risk factors and solutions. After an education session you can see the changes begin.

Our education services include, but are not limited to: educating occupational health and safety committees or individuals on how to initiate an ergonomic program; individual job coaching sessions; train the trainer ergonomic programs; and power hour (lunch and learn) wellness, ergonomic and health edcuation sessions. 




Training and Education Services


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