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Cognitive Health

Cognitive challenges are often the unrecognized and misunderstood health issue impacting an employee’s ability to work or perform well. In large part this is due to the fact that cognitive challenges can exhibit physically, behaviourally or in work performance.

Poor cognitive function can have negative impacts on a person’s ability to work safely and effectively. It can impact visual-spatial awareness, memory, judgement and reasoning, emotional control, balance, concentration and so much more.

Work Wellness is making it a mission to raise awareness and provide help to companies and individuals. We’ve integrated cognitive health throughout our services in assessments and education, but we’re also inspiring organizations to take a lead in cognitive wellness. Utilizing the latest cutting edge technology we are offering cognitive screens and assessments, and cognitive exercises.

We hope you’ll join us in the next workplace health revolution. Be safe, be healthy, work as a team. Contact us today to learn more.

Understanding Cognitive Health

1 in 3 individuals will experience a brain disorder during their lifetime. This makes understanding our cognitive strengths and challenges, and monitoring changes over time more important than ever. Concussions, medication, mental health issues, stress, lack of sleep etc. can all impact cognitive function.

For individuals already experiencing brain dysfunction, better understanding means more targeted treatment options, which are key to recovery and improving quality of life. Until now, obtaining a comprehensive overview of brain health has been a long, challenging and often cost prohibitive process, which can limit access to intervention. With our assessments and services early intervention and support is now possible.

Work Wellness in addition to offering cognitive demands analyses, and cognitive ergonomics is pleased to offer BrainFx cognitive assessments and cogFCEs.

Cognitive challenges can mean poor performance, discord within a team, or increased risk of injury. Our newest suite of services includes technology solutions to help you and your team manage their cognitive health. Whether it’s self-screening and cognitive exercise tools, or more formal cognitive assessments and lifestyle treatment prescriptions we can help employees manage and improve their cognitive health. Be safe, be healthy, work as a team.

Cognitive Assessments and Health Services

Work Wellness’s BrainFx Assessments

BrainFx Assessments are digital assessment tools that assist health professionals with information that may be needed for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of neurological dysfunction. These assessments are designed to be sensitive to mild to moderate dysfunction from brain disorders and are more predictive of real-world function.

In minutes, these assessment provide an indication of a person’s cognitive strengths and challenges. This can provide a reference point for monitoring cognitive health and can be used to determine whether treatment or more tests are needed to better understand neurofunction

The measurement, understanding and tracking of brain health  has never been easier, safer and more accessible.

BrainFx assessments should be done if:

Choose the right level of assessment for your situation.

one on one learning

Do a BrainFx SCREEN

To get baseline information for comparison or to determine if a more comprehensive assessment is needed. This baseline assessment, is completed on a standardized tablet with supervision by a trained healthcare professional. It consists of 14 activities and is typically completed in 15-20 minutes.*

Do a BrainFx VCAx

Our virtual option to get insightful results on cognitive function anytime and anywhere to guide treatment or return to work efforts or detect more serious dysfunction. This virtual option can be conducted on any internet-connected computer or laptop supervised by a healthcare professional. The assessment consists of 25 activities and is typically completed in 30 minutes.*

Do a BrainFx 360 Assessment

To get comprehensive information on cognitive function to guide more targeted treatment or return to work efforts, or detect more accurately serious dysfunction. Our most comprehensive assessment is completed on a standardized tablet with supervision by a trained healthcare professional. It consists of 62 activities and is typically completed in one-hour.*

Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations (cogFCE)

Work Wellness’s cogFCE begins with its extensive physical FCE and incorporates the cognitive components of function for a full perspective on a person’s abilities. As a tool used for determining if and how someone can return to work a cogFCE ensures a greater chance of success by including all facets of human function necessary to meet the demands of a job. These two day assessments incorporate tests for validity, perception of ability and comment on sustainability of function. Ask us to match the results to potential jobs to help make decisions on work suitability.

Cognitive Demands Analyses

A Cognitive Demands Analysis will describe the job, the work schedule and the essential tasks and sub-tasks to provide a framework for when and how cognitive demands are required within a job. The assessment will evaluate requirements such as communication, reading, writing, mathematical ability, memory, executive functions, etc. Also included are psychomotor requirements that are the link between the cognitive and physical aspects of the job, giving you a full picture of work requirements. Use these assessments to help with job searches, workplace training, and return to work efforts.

Cognitive Ergonomics

Cognitive factors can greatly impact the productive and safety of a job or workplace. Ergonomics identifies workplace challenges and risks that would negatively impact cognitive factors. Solutions/modifications can be implemented to support cognitive abilities, resulting in better performance and improved cognitive and mental health. Essentially the gap between cognitive ability and cognitive job requirements can be bridged to allow a employees to contribute and work successfully. Help improve accessibility and opportunity in your organization.