Corporate Wellness


Wellness means different things to different people. At Work Wellness we allow you to pick the progam elements that work for you.  Check them out below and reach out to let us know how we can help your company reach it's goals.

Biometric Testing

Work Wellness has qualified health professionals who can provide biometric testing to your employees. Often there are individuals who don't know what their health profile looks like and this is a great front line measure for identifying the percursors to more serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease before they start.  Our goal is to be fast, friendly and frank, so that your employees can get the information they need to manage their health and well being.

As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power"!  The difference with Work Wellness's education sessions is we are here to demystify and bust the myths around health and wellness. Get the straight goods. No gimmicks and no psuedoscience.  Our power hours will give your employees the tools to make changes and to enjoy it when they do. Quirky and fun themes are integrated into each session with a goal setting and participatory component included to keep people engaged.  Pick a single session or a whole years worth of topics. Go to our education section to check out our offerings.

Health Coaching

The most challenging part of Wellness is knowing what to do, how to do it and where to go.  We provide one on one health counselling where we interpret and explain any biometric testing, and then help employees set achievable goals that fit their lifestyle. Being well is not a one size fits all proposition and health counselling allows us to make it something that works for each person.  Our goal is self-empowerment, and our expert counsellors and coaches are a valueable resource on physical activity, diet, sleep, and emotional well-being. Get a coach in your corner!

Community Connection

The community connection is often the missing link in wellness.  Your employees come to work they get a bit of education or coaching but then what?   At Work Wellness we help employees make a community connection.  Whether they want to try out an activity; need advice on their diet; want to work with a trainer; are interested in running a marathon; want activies to do with their kids; etc we help them find the resources. That connection can make all the difference in maintaining a positive lifestyle change.