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Wellness and

Wellness means different things to different people. At Work Wellness it means empowerment through knowledge and engagement. We’ve been teaching and coaching for years, but we decided to also add new tools to the box and have added cognitive health services. Check them out below.

Through years of experience we know it isn’t enough just to provide an assessment, or a piece of equipment to an employee. Positive long lasting change involves both knowledge and participation.

Conny Glenn – Work Wellness

Cognitive Wellness

Cognitive challenges are often the unrecognized and misunderstood health issue impacting an employee’s ability to work or perform well. In large part this is due to the fact that cognitive challenges can exhibit physically, behaviourally or in work performance.

Poor cognitive function can have negative impacts on a person’s ability to work safety and effectively. It can impact visual-spatial awareness, memory, judgement and reasoning, emotional control, balance, concentration and so much more.

Work Wellness is making it a mission to raise awareness and provide help to companies and individuals. We’ve integrated cognitive health throughout our services in assessments and education, but we’re also inspiring organizations to take a lead in cognitive wellness. Utilizing the latest cutting edge technology we are offering cognitive screens and assessments, and cognitive exercises.

We hope you’ll join us in the next well workplace health revolution. Contact us to us today to learn more.

Our Promise


We commit to removing barriers and improving usability so that new doors can be opened, potential unlocked and dreams realized.


Trust is the result we strive for and achieve when we are honest, genuine and open with our friends, colleagues and clients.


We believe that to deliver care you must gently consider the humanity of others in all that you do.​


We are willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn with an open and flexible mind to serve you better.

Work Wellness Education

Programs and Seminars


Work Wellness’s comprehensive education offerings demystify and bust myths around health and wellness. No gimmicks and no pseudoscience. Quirky and fun themes are integrated into each session with goal setting and participatory components included to keep your team engaged. Pick a single session or a whole year’s worth of topics. Everything from sleep to safe lifting, from nutrition to breathing, from diabetes care to stress management. Be healthy. Be safe.
one on one learning

Health Coaching /
Lifestyle Counselling

One on one health counselling where we help employees set achievable goals that fit their lifestyle. Being well is not a one size fits all proposition and health counselling allows us to make it something that works for each person. Our goal is self-empowerment, and our expert counsellors and coaches are a valuable resource on physical activity, diet, sleep, and emotional well-being. Get a coach in your corner! Be healthy.

Community Connection

The community connection is often the missing link in wellness at the workplace. At Work Wellness we help companies and employees make a community connection. Giving back and making connections improves positivity and team dynamics not to mention it’s just a nice thing to do. We link you to resources to help choose and plan an event or program that supports a worthy cause in keeping with company values. Connection can make all the difference in supporting our mental and emotional well-being. Work as a team, do good, be healthy.