Ergonomics Coach

Make ergonomics a part of your company culture with a Work Wellness Ergo Coach. Regular on-site visits by the Coach ensures a consistent plan of action, on-going support for solutions, and encourages a culture that embraces ergonomics and wellness.


Services that can be included are:


1. Assessing Work Areas. The Ergo Coach will assess identified areas of concerns or risk. Then the Ergo Coach working with employees, management, and health will develop solutions to the reduce risk. The Coach will oversee the implementation and review of the success of the solution.


2. Job Coaching or Shadowing. The Ergo Coach will observe workers, discuss their job, and provide coaching on pacing, body mechanics and overall wellness. Reinforcing healthy ergonomic practices.


3. Return to Work Initiatives  The Coach will meet with injured employees, supervisors, health and safety and human resources as needed to perform the following activities: discuss the particulars of the accident/incident, discuss the physical demands of the job in relation to the employee’s physical restrictions, and discuss modified work and return to work plans.  Physical Demands and/or Ergonomic Assessments can be done to support a return-to-work.


4. Education Both formal (training and power hours) and informal (coaching during work). Work Wellness offers a range of education topics from office ergonomics and proper lifting, to physical activity, nutrition and stress.


5. Ergo News and Events The Ergo Coach will provide good news updates on ergonomic successes, and tips and reminders for workers working safely. Potentially 2-3 ergo events could be arranged throughout the year.


6. Wellness The Coach can provide support for a whole wellness program. Providing information, resources, and guidance to employees on how to better their health and well-being.