Ergonomic Specialists

Work Wellness has over 20 years of experience providing ergonomic assessments and services to a broad range of clients. This experience has made us not just experts in ergonomics, but experts in what your company does. No matter the setting (office, manufacturing, warehouse, etc.) Work Wellness has the ergonomic specialist for the job. We can help you with your proactive ergonomics, health and safety efforts; or with return to work and accomodation ergonomics.



Have you purchased an "ergonomic chair" or followed the advice on line about the "ergonomic setup" for an office workstation only to find that you and other employees are uncomfortable and in pain?  These measures are good steps but they are a bit like first aid, designed to stop the bleeding, but they often don't fix the issue or injury. Work Wellness understands that good office ergonomics is about fit which is individual. Check out our assessment, follow-up and education services for the office.



Work Wellness believes that success takes commitment. Often the approach to ergonomics is like a trip to the emergency room - it only happens when you have a problem.  Our Ergo Coach program is designed to help you be proactice in your ergonomic, health and wellness goals.  The Ergo Coach program gets you a dedicated ergonomist (coach) who visits your worksite regularly to keep initiatives moving, and to support the broad range of services Work Wellness offers. Decide how much coaching you need (weekly, biweekly, monthly) and make a commitment to a safe, healthy and ergonomically sound workplace.



Assessments and ergonomic services can be used for a variety of reasons in a workplace. To improve ergonomics and safety, to determine job demands (PDA), to assist in return-to-work efforts, to determine the cause of an injury, and to improve productivity. Whatever the reason we can help.  At Work Wellness we are skilled at providing just what you need. A bit of data, a full analysis, a quick solution, a detailed evaluation and/or a long term plan.​ Check out our assessments and services to see what fits your needs.