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Everyone deserves a chance to work and to work productively and comfortably. With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in ergonomics and workplace services. No matter the setting or the issue our goal is to remove barriers to work. The solution to most problems begins with a good ergonomic assessment and then appropriate follow up. So whether the goal is keeping someone at work, returning them to work, or improving their success at work we’ve got a service to help you.

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Ergonomic Consulting

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are still the largest source of disability and lost work time for employers. Good ergonomics reduces the risk of MSDs.

With over 25 years of experience providing ergonomic consulting to a broad range of clients we have become experts. Experts not just in ergonomics and MSD prevention, but in what your company does. No matter the setting (office, manufacturing, warehouse, etc.) Work Wellness has the services for you. We can help you with proactive ergonomics, and health and safety efforts; or with return to work and accommodation ergonomics.  

What makes us stand apart is that we believe in being on your team and bringing all our skills to the table. We draw not just on our ergonomic expertise, but also on our experience in wellness and our ability to innovate. Most recently that means launching services aimed at cognitive health. At Work Wellness you can start with ergonomic consulting and end up with a whole health approach to having a well workplace. Be safe, be healthy, work as a team, do good.

Ergonomic Surveys

Starting off on the right foot is really important. With ergonomic surveys we set people up to ensure comfort and productivity. Great for boosting morale, ensuring equipment is used correctly and that everyone is set up appropriately. (This service is not for injured parties). Be safe, be healthy.

Home and Office Ergonomics

At home or in the office we make sure that office workstations are a great fit. Addressing the needs of employees having more chronic or emerging issues in the workplace these more detailed assessments are a great choice for individuals and employers. These can be done in person or virtually. We work where you work. Be safe, be healthy.

Industrial Ergonomics

Make something, move something, or clean up something the job is to keep things running and our industrial ergonomic services will keep you running by identifying ergonomic barriers and providing solutions. Be safe, be healthy.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Cognitive & Physical
Sometimes people just get hurt and we need to understand what they can and cannot do. FCEs and cogFCEs help identify abilities, limitations and challenges to guide rehabilitation and return to work efforts. When used with an PDA/CDA or ergonomic assessment the gap to returning to work can be bridged. Be safe, work as a team.

Physical and Cognitive Demands Analyses

Yes we put them together, because sometimes one thing just belongs with the other. Clear information on job demands to guide improvements, make sure everyone understands the work, and to help return to work efforts. Be safe, be healthy, work as a team.

Cognitive Ergonomics

As we emerge from COVID we now more fully appreciate the importance of cognitive factors at work. Our cognitive ergonomic services take a deeper look at the work and workplace, identifying impediments such as inappropriate signage, unnecessary distractions, or poor instructions that we can help fix. These and other factors can lead to injury, poor individual and team performance and/or stress and frustration which are costly for everyone. Learn more about cognitive health. Be safe, be healthy, work as a team.

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