Office Ergonomics

At Work Wellness we know how to do office ergonomics that right way. There is a reason that health and safety representives, human resources professionals, facilities managers, claims specialists, and employers call us first. We provide the right level of assessment or education to address your needs. We also know the value of follow-up. It isn't enough to simply assess a situation - we make sure to close the loop and adjust the equipment and provide coaching.  So pick the service that works best for you and your employees.

Office Ergonomic Surveys

These assessments are designed to address the needs of office workers experiencing discomfort or requiring an initial set-up. Approximately 15 minutes is spent with each person adjusting their workstation, providing tips on good work habits, and identifying any risk factors. A brief chart form report is provided with any recommendations for improvements. Surveys are a cost effective way to provide the personal touch to a large group of workers. Please note these assessments are not designed for those having significant issues or who have a medical condition. Minimum of three persons/visit.


In-depth Office Ergonomic Assessment

In-depth assessments are designed to address serious or diagnosed medical conditions. Due to the potentially litigious nature of such assessments a more detailed interview is conducted and report provided. The assessment is similar to the standard assessment, but typically requires more time as more measures and observations are taken; discussion of any treatments/therapies must occur; and extra coaching and management strategies are provided to the employee. A 5-7 page report is provided with pictures included. Please note a signed consent is required.

Standard Office Assessments

These assessments are designed to address the needs of employees having more chronic or emerging issues in the workplace. The assessment, begins with a thorough interview to discuss any health concerns and to gain an understanding of the work being done. Then the worker's postures etc are observed, and measurements of the work environment are taken as needed. The Ergonomist makes any possible adjustments and given the employee education on stretches and work strategies to improve their situation. A report with recommendations and pictures is provided.


Please note these assessments are not meant for those with serious diagnoses, who are off work as a result of a claim or who are returning to work. A signed consent is also  required.

Follow-up Coaching

A follow-up is recommended for assessments where it is determined that the employee will need assistance with any recommended equipment and/or there is a concern about the adoption of changes in procedure or body mechanics. In these instances extra job coaching is provided and a one-page follow-up or closure letter is provided to document the visit.