"Knowledge is Power"

Wellness, at Work Wellness starts with knowledge, education and empowerment. Through years of experience we know it isn't enough just to provide an assessment, or a piece of equipment to an employee.  Positive long lasting change involves both knowledge and participation. So whether you need a specific topic addressed  or a complete wellness program we have the answer for you.  Changing workforce demographics, an increase in chronic diseases, and rising claims costs means that keeping  employees safe, healthy and well is critical for the bottom line. Let's improve productivity, decrease absentism, and reduce illness and injury in your workplace.


Check out our certifications and training courses, as well as our lunch and learn "Power Hours"  below to get a taste of what we can offer you.



Education and Training - The Work Wellness Way //

Training and Certification//

​​What are they saying about Work Wellness?

“The instructors were knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, and friendly. The sessions were extremely useful!”

“ The main thing I look for in a course is the “use-ability” of the material (i.e. when I leave can I use the material in the real world.) This course is a 10/10 for that quality”

“Great Course! Very Helpful! When’s the next one, I know some people who need to come.”

“Thanks for the knowledge I received from this course. The information in the workshops was very relevant and practical for implementation at the workplace.”

Train-the-Trainer Courses (usually 1 day)

At Work Wellness we can train your health and safety or HR team to provide front line prevention.  We offer Train-the-Trainer courses in office ergonomics, MSD prevention, and safe lifting. Get a head start on solving your workplace challenges by doing what you can in house, while knowing at the same time when you should ask an expert. You will also receive checklists and materials to assist you for quick reference in your everyday practice and when teaching your students.

Job-Coaching and Training (usually 1/2 day)

​At Work Wellness we like to meet your needs with training for employees that is targeted at their specific job.  Ask about our bank of training modules or have one developed specifically for you.  This training and coaching is based on a through assessment and understanding of what the job involves. With an understanding of the job we can provide very specific information to help employees stay safe.  Guide books accompany all training.

Wellness Power Hours//

Wellness Power Hours are hour-long health, safety, and wellness education sessions designed to help you stay healthy and manage stress. Interactive sessions on a range of topics to suit your needs are available. Bring your team together and learn about stress busting, preventing back injuries, adjusting your office workstation, eating for energy, and much more. Group education sessions are affordable and cost-effective. A little knowledge can go a long way to ensuring employee wellness, safety and morale. Pick from our menu of sessions, or ask us to create a topic tailored specifically to your needs.  Ask about our complete                                  with tips and incentives.


  • The Ergonomic Office

  • Get Fit and Stay Fit – Physical Activity is for Everyone

  • Joints, Joints, Joints: Bone Care and Osteoporosis Prevention.

  • Slips, Trips and Falls: Staying Safe in any Environment

  • Food is Fuel – Changing the Nutrition Conversation 

  • Fun with Food- Meal Planning and Healthy Restaurant Eating

  • In the Pink – Emotional Well-Being

  • Ho Ho Hold the StressStress

  • Sleep – The Missing Link

  • The Beat Goes On: Heart Disease and Stroke

  • Sugar Sugar, Honey Honey: Diabetes

  • Move It, Move It - Safe Lifting and Carrying

  • Up, Up, Up - Ladder Safety

  • The Big "C" - Cancer Prevention and Care

  • Beyond the Basics - Exercising for a Goal